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photography @ company creative

Built out of backgrounds in dance, theater, and graphic design, Company 360, and by extension Company Creative, has developed a dramatic photography style to complement to match the Dance Theatre's ground-breaking and original productions. This has provided the opportunity to work and develop expertise in a variety of styles over the last decade that we are ready to bring to all of your imaging dreams come true.

So whether you are in the market for something as small as headshots or as grand as performer photos for an entire group, we have the knowledge, the skills, and a studio in which to play so reach out today.

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*A Perspective On Film & Photo Pricing:

While many of our other services are highly customized, we contend that photography, and some video projects, don't need to be. For generations, the question of how much to charge for these services has plagued the creative field. Out of this question has come a number of systems. At the top, commercial pros in big metros like NYC, London, and Tokyo may secure large contracts like lawyers secure retainers. Top fashion and creative pros tie their fees to their reputation; pricing their work in relation to their own brand (If you don't know Annie Leibovitz, Lindsay Adler, Bruce Weber, Kate Woodman, Sonja Hietala and the like, you should). Then there are the many regional pros who are constantly checking in on each other to keep their fees competitive, only loosely tying pricing to costs. Amid this, pros wrestle with a combination of sitting fees, image fees, package deals, daily fees, mini-sessions, add-ons, and generally pedaling as fast as they can. The rationale being that sitting fees help ensure attendance, image fees help streamline editing, package deals tap into consumerism, daily fees cover costs up front, mini-sessions increase accessibility, and add-ons ease you in by not revealing the full price.


Our view is that this aims to confuse the client, distract the pro, and dilute the art we could make together. As the creative wing of Company 360, we believe that art should be simple, powerful, and accessible. In support of this belief, our pricing on a number of items will be what-it-is. No gimmicks. No sales. No hidden fees. If you see it listed on this site for immediate booking, and it is at a set price, then booking is the last sales pitch you'll face and we will immediately be on the way to creating something incredible together.

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