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The seeds of Company Creative were sown way back in 2017 when a new group of dancers, soon to transform the dance world and become Company 360 Dance Theatre, took to the rehearsal floor for the first time. After the initial auditions, and then the inaugural show, it became clear that this new performing arts endeavor needed their image and marketing to keep up with the incredible level of talent that was coalescing around the idea of equity in the dance world.


In concert with the digital design and marketing skills of Company 360's founders (JL and Bailey), and the infusion of professional photo and video products, Carousel Pictures was established the following year and brought the technical and creative skills to the dancers, and the surrounding community. For the next five years Carousel was the in-house photo, video, and design service for Company 360, while it also provided photo and video services to individuals and businesses in the surrounding region. In that time, the team was able to serve local businesses, dance organizations, public schools, theaters, and even a traveling circus. But after five years Carousel was folded back into the organization from which it first took breath to reemerge as Company Creative, the art-world's mission driven, not-for-profit, too-big-for-their-britches, creative agency for change.


Why? Because, like Company 360, our heart is in telling compelling stories ... because we are driven to have our work truly mean something ... because we believe that the power of theater should be ubiquitous: available and accessible to all ... and because we believe that if given the choice, organizations large and small will choose to have their marketing, photo, video, and design dollars support a not-for-profit arts organization (Company 360 Dance Theatre) striving every day to give back more than they receive.

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